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Crocheting for a Cause: B.E.W.B.s – A Step-by-Step Video Tutorial for Creating Educational Breast Models

Welcome to a unique intersection of craft and health education! Today, we’re introducing B.E.W.B.s (Breast Exam With Bump), crochet models designed to raise breast cancer awareness and teach self-examination techniques.

The Purpose Behind the B.E.W.B.s

B.E.W.B.s are more than just crochet projects. Each model features a small lump, simulating what one might feel during a self-exam. These tactile guides serve as powerful tools for education and awareness, encouraging early detection and demystifying the process of self-exams.

The Video Tutorial

Our video tutorial walks you through creating your own B.E.W.B. step-by-step. It’s beginner-friendly, ensuring anyone can join in this meaningful project.

The B.E.W.B.s Crochet Pattern

Interested in supporting our mission? Our unique crochet pattern is available for purchase. By buying the pattern, you’re not only embarking on a rewarding project but also contributing to a larger cause – spreading cancer awareness.

Join us in crafting for a cause. Try the tutorial, purchase the pattern, and share your finished B.E.W.B.s on social media. Together, we can make a difference, one stitch at a time.