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Deadffodil FREE Pattern!

Hello there, crochet enthusiasts! Today we’re going to learn how to crochet a black daffodil flower. Yes, you heard it right – a black daffodil! We know daffodils are supposed to be bright and sunny, but why not break the rules a little and make something unique?

To get started, you’ll need black and red yarn, a crochet hook (size 3.5 mm or 4 mm will work), a pair of scissors, and a yarn needle for weaving in the ends. Once you’ve gathered your materials, here’s a video tutorial that guides you through the process of crocheting a daffodil flower. I’ve also listed a PDF version, you can get for free here!

Your black daffodil flower is now complete! You can use it as a brooch, attach it to a headband, or even make a bouquet of black daffodils for a Gothic-themed event. (I glue magnets to mine!)

I hope you enjoyed crocheting a black daffodil!